Pima French Terry Pants

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Size XS
Color Carbon Black

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Modern, tapered pants made from 100% Extra Long Staple Organic Pima Cotton (less than 1% of the world’s cotton is graded extra long staple) designed for everyday use. The long fiber length ensures the fabric retains its strength and softness, even after years of wear. The fabric is a custom-knit Pima French Terry offers structure that gives a trouser look but also softness with an elastic waist with a ribbed back for extra comfort and fit finished with Pima Jersey Pockets. 

The model is 180cm and wearing a size M.

Detail – Modern
Colour – Black, Stone Grey
Fabric – 100% Organic Long Staple Pima Cotton

100% Organic Long Staple Pima Cotton (Less than 1% of the world's cotton)
The softest, most durable cotton in the market.
100% Chemical Free
100% Pesticide Free
Minimal water used to make product
50% longer lifespan than regular cotton

Machine wash at 30 degrees
Tumble Dry on low
Iron on low heat

Production Cost - €33
This includes cost of design, fabrics, sampling, patterns, cut/make/trims, artisan labour.

Company Costs - €45,5
This includes expenses for marketing, IT, web-store maintenance, office space, salaries, photoshoots and our profit margin.

Fulfilment Cost - €15
This includes packaging, postage, storage and handling fees.

Transaction Fees - €5,5
This includes the fees paid to our store platform and payment providers.

Taxes - €20
This includes all the fees paid to the tax authorities.

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