Tuscany Dress

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Trench inspired, très chic dress consciously crafted from handwoven hemp and organic cotton, naturally dyed using plant extracts.

Peta approved vegan/plant based clothing.

Detail – Trench dress
Colour – Beige
Fabric – Handwoven Hemp and Organic Cotton

Handwoven Hemp and Organic Cotton are both are natural, organic and chemical free.
Handwoven and hand-spun fabric, zero waste, minimal water used.
Hemp is a drought resistant, low impact fabric which consumes very less water.
Hemp is also UV Resistant, Anti-Bacterial and Carbon Positive Fabric with incredible yield and amazing for soil health.
PETA approved plant based clothing.
Ages gracefully, becoming softer with every wash.
Consciously crafted in India — naturally dyed using plant extracts.

Hand Wash/Machine Washable
Wash in cold water using mild detergent
Don’t dry under direct sunlight

Production Cost - €75
This includes cost of design, fabrics, sampling, patterns, cut/make/trims, artisan labour.

Company Costs - €48
This includes expenses for marketing, IT, web-store maintenance, office space, salaries, photoshoots and our profit margin.

Fulfilment Cost - €15
This includes packaging, postage, storage and handling fees.

Transaction Fees - €8
This includes the fees paid to our store platform and payment providers.

Taxes - €29
This includes all the fees paid to the tax authorities.

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