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Re Belt Bag

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Statement belt bag using extra weft technique where intricate patterns are woven into the fabric on the loomRe-woven from 100% Upcycled Cotton for a new and refreshed look. Comes with a zip  for closure with a fabric belt along with adjustable buttons. 

Estimated Delivery by Feb 02, 2023

Product Details

Detail – Upcycled Belt Bag, handwoven by artisans in India
Colour – Multi-coloured
Fabric – 100% Cotton


100% Recycled Cotton — zero waste, natural and biodegradable.
All-season timeless jacket.
Repels micro-organisms and absorbs moisture.
Ages gracefully
Consciously woven by hand.

Care Advice

Dry Clean or hand wash only
Wash in cold water
Don’t dry under direct sunlight

Ethical Transparency

Production Cost - €24
This includes cost of design, fabrics, sampling, patterns, cut/make/trims, artisan labour.

Company Costs - €17
This includes expenses for marketing, IT, web-store maintenance, office space, salaries, photoshoots and our profit margin.

Fulfilment Cost - €15
This includes packaging, postage, storage and handling fees.

Transaction Fees - €3
This includes the fees paid to our store platform and payment providers.

Taxes - €11
This includes all the fees paid to the tax authorities.