Our Fabrics

Organic Cotton

Cotton is both renewable and biodegradable, but unfortunately it’s cultivating process is extremely water intensive. Enter, Organic Cotton, a fabric that consumes 88% less water and 62% less energy. The process of growing organic cotton also preserves the health of the soil and protects the livelihood of farmers.

Our range of classic wardrobe staple shirts are made using GOTS certified Organic Cotton, which is the green standard to which Organic Cotton textiles are produced.

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Linen, made from flax plant fiber, is a sustainable fashion favorite because it is 100% biodegradable, durable and lightweight. It also gets softer with every wash and the natural colouring of the fabric comes in earthy tones making perfect for slow fashion summers.

Our Sorento shirt is a timeless light blue and white striped linen shirt made using Azo-free dyes.

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Modal  is made from beech tree fibre making it 100% biodegradable and natural. The fabric has a natural luster just like silk so it a great vegan and cruelty free alternative. Due to its high quality, durability and natural properties, it is one of the most relevant organic and sustainable fabrics.


Bemberg is certified sustainable Cupro fabric made from regenerated cotton linters. It is biodegradable, GRS certified and also a zero emissions fabric.

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Our unique blend (Modal + Bemberg)

We combine 60% Modal and 40% Bemberg to create a unique blend which results in a soft, roomy and lustrous fabric that is gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort and elegance. Our timeless wrap dresses and opulent shirts are made using this exquisite combination of Modal and Bemberg.

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Khadi is 100% hand-spun and hand-woven cotton which requires no machines, electricity or fuel for its production. A metre of Khadi requires 3 litres of water as opposed to 55 litres by mill produced cotton, making it one of the most organic and sustainable fabrics available. Khadi fabric is spun by small artisanal households in India, of whom 70% are women.

We made our very first apparel collection using Khadi due to its impact on job creation, water conservation and zero toxicity. It also retains natural dye colouring perfectly which is why our entire range of Khadi apparel is made from Natural dyes.

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Ikat is an artisanal resist dyeing technique that originated in Asia before the 20th century. The textile yarns are individually dyed before weaving the cloth on a handloom. The technique is complex and time-consuming but the result is equally unique and vibrant.

Our range of Ikat apparel are handloom certified and made by artisanal ikat weaving communities in South India and it is therefore one of our favourite organic and sustainable fabrics.

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Eri Silk (Vegan/Peace Silk)

Eri Silk is a cruelty free, vegan and organic form of silk . The cocoon is open ended, allowing the worm to leave before obtaining the silk threads. Also, 100% of the cocoon is used to make the fabric which is natural upcycling.

Our Eri Silk scarves are fair-trade certified and are hand-spun and hand-woven by disabled artisans providing them with a fair wages and a respectable livelihood.

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