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Live and let dye!


Natural fabric dyeing is one of the most interesting processes I’ve witnessed till date. Naturally dyed fabrics are pure and free of toxic chemicals, and come with all sorts of color options.

In addition to the exquisite outcome, the process is entirely done by hand, providing artisans with employment and a safe dyeing environment.

The Indigo plant used to dye our collection is grown in a farm in Tamil Nadu, India.

The dyeing process to get the charcoal colour in The Batik collection is quite interesting. It is done by keeping rusty metal rods in a container with water, jaggery (non-refined sugar) and tamarind for 20 days. The rods dissolve into the liquid that is then used for dyeing.

The dyeing process is back and forth, done 3 times between the dyeing mix and the mordant. The mordant used here is ‘Yellow Myrobalan’ extract which is from a tree indigenous to India and Nepal. The plant has 52 medicinal uses and is called the ‘mother of all herbs’. It is normally used to detox the body, ease acne and treat sunburns and rashes.

One of the concerns about naturally dyed clothes is that they give out color. I myself researched this while developing my plant-based line. This can be avoided by hand-washing your product for the first 2 times using mild detergents. While this maybe inconvenient, owning a beautiful outfit created using hand-picked fruits, plants and flowers makes it worth it.




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