meet the creator

Divya Rao

“Demand quality, not only in the products you buy, but also in the life of the person who made it”

Orsola De Castro

Divya has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication and an MBA is luxury brand management. She has worked with various Indian and International brands. With a keen eye for craftsmanship and a passion for contemporary style, she founded Bhoomi in September 2017.

As a bona fide city girl, with roots in rural India, ‘Bhoomi’ has been her lifelong dream. Having spent time travelling across various rural parts of India, discovering block-printing designs, handloom weaving technique and natural Indian fabrics, she decided to bring these local crafts and sustainable fabrics into the global market. ‘Bhoomi’ celebrates these vibrant prints and intricate designs amalgamated with Parisian ‘casual-chic’ styles to create a unique range of sustainable fashion products.

Our Brand

Bhoomi is a sustainable fashion brand. We’re a purpose driven business that empowers local artisan through ethical production, natural dyes and eco-friendly fabrics.

The name ‘Bhoomi’ is of Sanskrit origin and means earth. Our brand focuses on urban lifestyle and fashion while contributing to socio-economic development of rural India. We use contemporary designs on traditional techniques and quality fabrics to create timeless pieces that last in your wardrobe.

We believe that a futuristic fashion business is one that accounts for the future of our planet. Our purchase decisions today is like casting a vote on the kind of world we want in the future. As a sustainable fashion brand, we strive to preserve the earth and all its resources.

We’re here to provide conscious consumers with mindful, quality, sustainable products at an accessible price. We eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and bring our collections directly to you, the customer.

We believe in transparent and ethical practices