Our Story

The fashion industry has a catastrophic impact on the environment and its people. We are convinced that there is a better way to it by keeping the planet and people at the forefront of our mission. We make clothes that empower the people who wear them as well as make them.

The Bhoomi Promise

Bhoomi is a purpose driven business that empowers artisans. We use traditional weaving and dyeing techniques from South Asia to create our unique eco-luxury pieces.

‘Bhoomi’ meaning earth, strives to preserve the earth and all its resources.

While implementing sustainable and ethical practices throughout our supply chain, we’re here to provide conscious consumers with mindful, quality products at the best possible price.

We believe in 100% Transparency

Rooted in sustainability

Divya, our founder is deeply influenced by her Indian origins where sustainability is integrated in the culture and lifestyle. She moved to Paris in 2014 to pursue an MBA in Luxury Brand Management. Studying about the impact of the fashion industry on our environment was an eye opener. Having experience working with fashion designers and luxury brands, she decided to create a brand that highlights the unique, artisanal techniques and organic fabrics from India. With a keen eye for craftsmanship and a creative itch, she founded Bhoomi in 2018

Bhoomi celebrates block-printing designs, weaving technique and natural fabrics that are a part of the designer’s Indian roots. These luxurious natural fabrics and intricate techniques on Divya’s signature flattering feminine designs resulting in one-of-a kind eco luxury pieces for your timeless wardrobe. 


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