n sustainability, it is important for brands to consider where to produce, how to produce and how much to produce. But many brands struggle with the third due to the sheer pace of fashion. Over-production is one of the major problems the fashion industry is facing. Gillion collections a year with extremely large production quantities result in products ending up in sales racks or landfills. The only solution here is for supply to meet demand.

From the beginning of our journey, we have been transparent with our customers and ethical in our production. As a newly formed brand, we’re not the best at predicting demand. We’re trying our best to change this, so we’ve introduced some incentives so that we can reduce our margin of error and learn more about your preferences. Our goal is to make less and make stuff that lasts long (with quality of products and also style). We want to include you all in this decision-making process. Every item you’ve purchased from us, every suggestion you’ve sent across has been carefully considered while developing this collection and with this launch incentive, we want it to get better.

Pre order our upcoming collection at a 20% discount: this allows us to understand the pieces that are your favorites and we’ll make sure to produce enough of them. We’ll produce less of the ones that aren’t in demand to ensure minimal waste. We have set aside limited number of pieces (per style) that are available on pre order prices after which all products will be sold at retail.

Discover our range of sustainable apparel available on pre-order.

I’m not interested in making clothes that end up in some dusty museum.

 Marc Jacobs