e are all aware of and understand the harmful impact of plastic on our health and the environment. However, it has been integrated into our daily life for decades making it difficult to steer clear of this toxic material. I personally struggle with this on a daily basis, so I want to share a few small changes that have a positive impact for a more sustainable planet.

Let’s start with the first thing we do every morning. Billions of people use plastic toothbrushes that end up in landfills. Bamboo toothbrushes are a very simple and eco-friendly switch as they are 100% biodegradable and inexpensive. They require little care – wash it with a dry towel and store in a glass container. Most of them come in compostable packaging which is an added bonus.

This summer has been exceptionally scorching and one of the best solutions is a refreshing smoothie or a cocktail. From what I’ve seen, these drinks are almost always accompanied with a plastic straw that ends up in oceans and is ultimately ingested by our adorably innocent marine life. An easy solution is to #refusethestraw and join the #noplasticstraw movement by using eco -friendly alternatives such as bamboo straws which are natural and biodegradable. If you are a business looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic, contact us and we’ll be happy to connect you to the right people.

Another simple way to incorporate sustainable living is to shop for your weekly grocery in farmer’s markets. These farmers offer fresh products at a reasonable price and try their best to ensure minimal waste and pollution. You also find many certified organic products free of pesticides. Always carry your own eco-friendly bag to these markets to eliminate plastic from your grocery shopping routine. We all have tote bags lying around at home and if not, Bhoomi has you covered.

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