hadi – We at Bhoomi love sustainable fabrics. We’re committed to creating chic, ethical and clean fashion at an affordable price. For our first apparel collection, our choice of green fabric is Khadi. Khadi fabric originated in India during the freedom movement. It was popularized by Mahatma Gandhi to promote rural self employment and self-reliance. Khadi is 100% hand-woven and hand-spun, making it a zero-carbon foot print fabric.

The manufacturing process requires no electricity, machines or fuel. 1 metre of Khadi is produced using 3 litres of water as opposed to 55 litres of water consumed to produce in a mill. The Khadi fabric is made in small artisanal households in India. 70% of the artisans who spin Khadi fabric are women. They sit down in groups with a simple wooden spinning wheel and create the fabric by hand. Due to it’s impact job creation, water conservation and zero toxicity, Khadi is one of the most relevant fabrics in sustainable fashion. We also love the way the fabric embodies our  contemporary designs and brings out the colour of the natural dyes we have selected.

Cool fact: With each wash, the Khadi fabric becomes softer and feels better on your skin. So, your Khadi apparel is here to stay in your sustainable wardrobe!

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What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. 

— Mahatma Gandhi


ri Silk – For our collection of scarves, we have chosen Eri silk. We believe in beauty without cruelty and this vegan silk fabric makes the cut. The process of making this fabric is so naturally beautiful that we have to share. The cocoon is open ended, allowing the worm to leave before obtaining the silk threads. Also, 100% of the cocoon is used to make the fabric which is natural upcycling! Best of all, the outcome is a soft and durable fabric. Our Eri silk scarves are also hand-spun and hand-woven because we’re not a fan of carbon and fuel.

Cool fact: Eri silk is a versatile fabric which keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer making it the perfect fabric for your all-purpose scarf to wear all year long.

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